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Alpine Cherries and Chestnuts
Alpine Cherries and Chestnuts

Alpine Cherries & Chestnuts, scenically located on the lower slopes of Mount Buffalo, is a hobby farm that got way out of control.  

 A tree-changer's paradise, it features a cherry orchard and 8000 mature chesnut trees. Varieties include: Buffalo Queen, Red Spanish, Di Coppi Marone, Purdon's Pride, Bouche de Betizac, Colossal, Marino, Menzies, Sword and Wandi Wonder.

Chestnut harvest is from March to June. We attend several farmers' markets and enjoy putting our produce in the hands of people who are going to eat it! We also greatly appreciate feedback and swapping recipes.

Come and try our ready cooked chestnuts, boiled or roasted. Can anyone resist the delectable romantic aroma of warm chestnuts? 


Back Creek Road
Victoria, 3737
T: 0423286720