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Alpine nuts - WALNUTS

We grow walnuts on the banks of the Ovens river at Eurobin (between Bright and Myrtleford) on a family run farm. Attending the markets in Melbourne are a mother and daughter team. We have been attending VFMA markets since their beginning at Collingwood about 10 years ago.

Our walnut trees are between 10 and 40 years old and the walnuts are harvested from March until June.  The walnuts are available for sale from April until October. We sell out every year. Walnuts in the shell are available and as soon as we get the cracking machine working (mid April) walnut kernal is also for sale.

We are back for season 2013 with an early harvest, see us at Collingwood on Sat 13th April



PO Box 317
Victoria, 3737
T: 0429192324