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Belmont Biodynamic Produce
Belmont Biodynamic Produce
The Murray

Third generation farmers Andrew and David McConnell with their families have been growing Biodynamic rice for over 20 years. They specialise n growing medium grain(white and brown) and this year will also grow Koshihakari, a short grain rice favoured in Japanese cooking

Their farm, Belmont, in southern NSW was first settled by Andrew and David's grandfather in 1901.It is approx.5000 acres of which much is still remnant vegetation and native grasslands.

Selling under the label Belmont Biodynamic Produce, other outputs from the farm include cereals such as wheat and barley, wool (fine merino), first cross lambs (sold through Hagens and Belmore Meats),and a range of fruit and vegetables.

Biodynamic rice and sheep production form the perfect symbiotic relationship. Clover based pastures grown for the sheep also add the required nitrogen for the rice. In fact grazing of rice paddy's sometimes continues well after the rice is planted with the added bonus of continued nutrient cycling as the sheep move around the paddock.

Belmont Deniliquin Road
New South Wales, 2732
T: 0354531115