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Hi-Fye Pistachios - We're Nuts!

My partner, Judy and I made a tree change from Melbourne to Wedderburn in 1981. Since then I have developed my plantation - from seeding to grafting to processing to point of sale.

I do not salt my pistachios, which allows customers to enjoy the true flavour of the varieties I grow. I sell raw and air roasted nuts.
I also grow chinese pears (different to nashi or western pears) They are crispy, crunchy and very juicy!
I would like to introduce you to what I thinks is the best tasting pistachio nut, after 30 years of research and development. That is a nut that splits naturally and has a perfect U return on the split on the upper lip of the nut.
36 High Street
Victoria, 3518
T: 0354943284