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The Orange Lady


Gabrielle and Chris Robb’s family farm is located in Redcliffs, just near the Murray River, 20kms south of Mildura. 

We grow several varieties of citrus – Oranges (Navel, Washington, Valencia, Blood), Mandarins (Imperial, Honey Murcott, Ellendale), Tangelos, Lemons & Grapefruit.  We also grow Pistachio Nuts & Avocados. All our produce is grown without the use of insecticides and pesticides.

The Orange Lady also likes to create many a tasty treat for the lovers of old world food.  Picking fruit off our big old Mulberry tree to create a delicious jam,  tangy tangelos for a wicked marmalade and drying some of our many seasonal fruits in the plentiful sun are some other treats found at our stall.

So please drop in for a freshly squeezed juice and a chat and see what goodness The Orange Lady has install for you.

Happy eating!

Block 276 Wonega Avenue
Red Cliffs
Victoria, 3496
T: 0350242264