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Warialda Belted Galloway Beef

The Snaith family at Warialda produce rare breed beef that is aged both on the hoof (cattle are slaughtered at approximately 2.5 years old) and dry aged on the hook for three to six weeks. 

We have been breeding Belted Galloways for over 30 years and have shown the cattle at Melbourne, Adelaide and Canberra Royal Shows for the past two decades as well as numeous rural shows.

Our animals are 100% grass fed in a natural environment. 

A trip to Italy in 2006 inspired us to develop a line of traditionally made smallgoods entirely from our own beef. This includes Warialda beef salami, bresaola, pastrami, chorizo, smoked beef & pressed tongue.

Out of the greatest respect to our animals we are incredibly determined to encourage our customers to use all parts of the beast from nose to tail as well as tanned hides for floor rugs. 

Victoria, 3658